Cooking Demos and Gardening Workshops at the YMCA!



Monday 16th



Gardening/Woodwork Workshop, 3pm - 4pm 


Planter Box Building Workshop, lend a hand as you learn, hands on, how to build your very own planter box!



Cooking Demo,  4pm - 5pm


Delicious Homemade Soup! Perfect for a chilly January!




Saturday 21st



Gardening Workshop, 1pm - 2pm

DIY Bird Feeders: Learn to make your very own bird feeders for (almost) free using recycled materials. Learn the benefits of attracting birds to your garden, and to the Tollcross YMCA Greenspace




Cooking Demo, 2pm - 3pm


Vanilla Cream and Strawberry Cake! 


A surprisingly healthy, delicious and easy to make cake!





Saturday 28th



Gardening/Woodwork Workshop, 2pm - 3pm


Compost Building Workshop! (Part 1) 


Learn how to build your own compost bin and how valuable these are to your own garden!





Cooking Demo,  3pm - 4pm


Learn how to make Homemade, Fresh, Tomato and Basil Soup! 


Delicious and Healthy